Milky Oolong

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“Milky Oolong” will appeal to absolutely all lovers of floral and flavoured teas. In China and Taiwan it is customary to drink this tea before meals to increase appetite and improve metabolism.


Visual description

The dry leaf has small nodules of semi-spherically twisted marsh-green-to-yellow leaves, somewhat glossy. 

The aroma of dry tea is sweet, floral and confectionery. 

The infusion is transparent, golden-green in colour, turns yellow while infused several times.

Taste and aroma

The bouquet of the tea soup is bright, light, floral, fruity, with notes of creamy caramel, vanilla ice cream and fruity montpensier. 

The aroma is delicate, warm, and sweet. 

The taste is soft, oily, sweetish, without bitterness or astringency, with some fine fruity sourness. It has a pleasant, refreshing aftertaste.

General information

The famous "Milk Oolong", which is also known as "Fiery flower with milky aroma." This is the only artificially flavoured tea in our collection, a "Baileys" among teas, made in line with the popular demand of customers on the basis of premium qin xiang oolong from Anxi. Processed during fermentation with Taiwanese food flavouring (similar to flower teas). Separately, we would like to note that there is no such thing as naturally flavoured Milky Oolong.

Brewing method

Brew this tea with near-boiling water at 98 ° C in a porous clay teapot for lightly fermented flavoured oolongs or in a porcelain gaiwan. Brewing ratio to water: 6 g per 100 ml. Infuse several times, beginning with flash infusions and a gradual increase in exposure. You can brew with this tea up to approximately 10 infusions.