Tea cake "Green" (Hei Chu Hao), 50 g

"Emerald spirals" - green tea from Guangxi Province (China) of the spring harvest of 2021
For convenience, the tea is pressed into a tile divided into 8 portions.

It has a refreshing, toning effect. Promotes digestion, antioxidant.
Classic, delicious green tea for everyday tea drinking, with due attention, will perfectly cope with a solo party in a tea ceremony.

Cooking method:
Break off 1 piece from the tile and pour 1000-1200 ml of hot water 70-80 gr. Not Boiling Water! Not a thermos. Wait 3-5 minutes. Suitable for ceremonial use by the strait.

The bouquet of ready-made tea is bright, multifaceted, spicy-herbaceous with notes of berries and baked chestnuts. The aroma is thick, spicy and berry. The taste is juicy, dense, a little tart, sweet, with berry sourness and nuances of spices. The aftertaste is juicy and long.

Green meadows under the summer rain, the air, woven from a thousand scents, hugs you by the shoulders and immerses you in a pleasant journey through sunny days.It's so good to be in summer, when it's snowing and cold outside the windows. Freshness, cheerfulness, pleasure in every sip.