Ya Bao Yin Ya Eshen Bai Yin Shan (2020)

€5,00 / 50g
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This tea is similar to raw pu-erhs, but it is much less oxidized. That’s why this tea should not be stored for a long time. Drink it fresh and enjoy!


Taste and aroma

Ya Bao tea is lighter than leaf tea. 

It has nearly “compote” sweet taste with a tint of sour taste which turns into astringency.

The aroma is fruity and light.

General information

This loose tea is produced from white tips of Yunnan pu-erh trees. Only old pu-erh trees tips are used to produce this tea. Ya Bao is made according to white tea-producing technology. The raw material has open tips and usually, these tips get frozen on the trees. Such material is not suitable for premium white pu-erh, but it is perfect for Ya Bao producing. That’s why Ya Bao is a budget tea, although it has excellent taste and it was picked on the old trees.