Chuan Lü Cha

Green tea

Chuan Lü Cha

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This is a quality tea for everyday tea time. It is light and tonic, dissipates fatigue in the body and heaviness in the head, refreshes perception and creates positive emotions.


Visual description

The dry tea consists of tiny, thin spirals of hairy, silver-olive tea buds.

The fragrance of dry tea is tender, herbal and floral.

The infusion has a clear, light, olive color.

Taste and aroma

The bouquet of brewed tea is light, fresh, herbal and floral.

The aroma is tender, pure and springy.

The taste is mild, smooth, rich, sweet and pure with a slight tone of sunflower seeds. The aftertaste is nice and refreshing.

General information

“Green Tea from Chuan” (abbreviation of Sichuan Province) is harvested and produced in the Emeishan Mountains. It is still fresh and fragrant, which is evidence of high quality tea and raw material.

Brewing method

Brew this tea with chilled, boiled water (80-85°С) in a porcelain gaiwan or in glass teaware. Take 3-4 grams for a 100ml volume dish. Infuse the tea with water and increase the infusion time gradually. This tea can be infused this way for approximately 7 times.

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