First High tea @Moychay / Sunday 19.06 from 14.00 till 17:00


Enjoy high tea accompanied by hand-made desserts from Almond bakery!

During our high tea, also known as ‘afternoon tea,’ you can enjoy delicious Lemon marshmellow, Berry jam marshmellow and Caramel and nuts cookie made by Almond bakery

Of course, our high tea wouldn’t be complete without delicious tea. We’ll be serving two tea pots that go well with the sweets: 2 types of tea (choose from premium red tea/, sencha/earl grey).

We offer free refill of hot water in the tea pot for of 1,5 hour.

Kindly book in advance.

We have limited availability.

High tea is on Sunday between 14.00 and 17.00 at our lounge space.

When: this Sunday 19.06 from 14-17:00

Where: Amsterdam Tea culture club

Price: 19,50 €