Guogan Shu Cha (, picking 2016, press 2019)

€2,00 / 50g

«Guogan Shu Cha» made in 2019 by the special order of from Burmese raw materials harvested in 2016.

In appearance: 240-gram briquette of pressed dark brown leaves with cuttings. The aroma is restrained, woody. The infusion is transparent, reddish-chestnut.

The bouquet of the ready-made tea is mature, woody-herbaceous, with nutty and autumnal notes. The aroma is warm and viscous, woody-herbaceous. The taste is rich, quite soft, with light wood astringency, sourness of dried berries and nuances of spices.

Brew tea with hot water (90-95°C) in a gaiwan or a teapot made of porous clay. The proportion is 5-6 g per 100 ml. The time of the first steeping is about 5-7 seconds. After that do short steeps (just for 1 second) increasing steeping time for each subsequent step, if necessary. You can steep the tea up to 8-9 times.

«Guogan Shu Cha» is a good choice for everyday tea breaks: rich, quite soft, aromatic.

Unfortunatly, package was damaged. Not good enough for the gift.