Herbal tea Cake "August" , 80 g


Fermented apple leaf
Fermented Meadowsweet leaf
Ivan tea
Fruits of apples

Pressed herbal collection of wild herbs.
Collection - summer 2021.

Restorative herbal collection, detoxifier.

For convenience, it is pressed into a tile.

Cooking method:
Break off 1 piece from the tile and pour 500 ml of hot water 80-90 gr. Wait 5 minutes.
Have A Nice Tea Party!
A surge of strength and vigor, warmth that fills the whole body, spreads with peace.

Herbal collection "August" is an interesting herbal collection, which is based on ivan tea and fermented Apple leaves. Ivan tea perfectly alkalizes the body, improves metabolism, soothes and generally has a lot of useful properties, about which many articles have been written. Fermented apple leaves are delicious, fragrant.

Testing of our raw materials at the University of Food Production MGUPP proved their benefit. Apple leaf is a good antioxidant, it contains vitamin C, it raises the immune system, contains many macro and microelements, for example, zinc and copper, iron and molybdenum. Therefore, it perfectly increases immunity, removes depression, in addition, it is a good anti-inflammatory agent.

The meadowsweet, which is part of the collection, is a very useful, ancient Russian plant, it is often called "grass from 40 diseases", it has excellent anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, antipyretic, analgesic.

All our herbal tea is closer to a healthy diet than to a medicine. Initially, it is an herbal drink that reveals the different flavors of each of the herbal collections!
The peculiarity is that each collection is collected taking into account the recommendations of experienced herbalists, is balanced and does not contain highly active or poisonous plants.

As a rule, undesirable effects and side effects may occur in the case of prolonged use of a medicinal plant intended only for short-term use (for example, juniper strongly irritates the kidneys), as well as in cases of severe dosage excess, which can even lead to poisoning (for example, pine needles).
So often, the most terrible side effect caused by herbal tea is an allergic reaction.

Contraindications for excessive use:
Ivan-tea is an acute phase of food allergy and pollinosis, hemophilia, poor blood clotting.
Fermented apple leaf - a tendency to blood clot, constipation.
The leaf of the meadowsweet twisted -constipation, bronchial asthma, hypotension, allergies.

For your convenience, we offer general recommendations on contraindications to herbs included in the collection. However, as mentioned above, the herbs are balanced in the collection, so there is usually no pronounced effect. The collection can be consumed in the evening, calms and relaxes.