Herbal tea Cake "Forest Shu (Wild puer with Saagan Dailya)", 50 g

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Forest Shu is a herbal tea made from wild plants, which combines sweetness, light bitterness and subtle sour aftertaste. This drink invigorates the body and clears the mind. Clients have reported that with short infusions the shu puerh stays somewhat in the background, slightly longer infusions bring its taste more to the fore. Recommended to anyone longing for the feel of the forest but without the opportunity to go hiking.


Ingredients: Menghai Yesheng Puerh (2017); Saagan Dailya (Rhododendron adamsii), 2021; Chaga mushroom.


Infuse the tea mix in a hot water (95°С) in a teapot made of porous clay. The proportion is 1 block per 100 ml. The time of the first infusion is 10-15 seconds. After that do short infusions (3-5 seconds), increasing infusion time for each subsequent step if necessary. You can infuse the tea up to 5-6 times. We also recommend to brew it in a teapot or thermos for 5 minutes or more at the rate of 1 block per 500 ml of boiling water.