Herbal tea Cake «Wild puer with Saagan Dailya» (Teji Shu Cha ), 50 g



Teji Shu Cha (2019)

Rose Hip (Altai)

Shu puer "Teji" ("Extra") from the Menghai district of the 2019 harvest with wild mountain plants of Altai and Buryatia of the 2021 harvest.

Tea is pressed into a tile divided into 8 portions for convenience.

It has a tonic effect. Antioxidant, promotes digestion.
It is contraindicated in pregnant women and people with kidney diseases.

Break off 1 slice per kettle or thermos 500 ml, pour hot water 90 c, wait 5 minutes. It is brewed repeatedly.

The bouquet of ready-made tea is rich, ripe, with aromas of autumn forest and berries. The taste is dense, velvety, with a pronounced fruity sourness.