Moli Bitan Piao Xue (Emerald Lake - Wirling Snow)

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Traditionally an ideal tea for rainy days, but also very refreshing in the summer heat. It has an optimistic feel to it. 

Dry leaf 

The dry tea consists of short (~1 cm) spirals, olive-green with white linings, interlaced with dried light-yellow jasmin flowers. 

The fragrance of the dry leaf is strongly that of jasmin.  


The transparent infusion has a light lime-like colour, with a milky hue.  

The same can be said for the bouquet, when prepared with 80°C, clean water. The taste is a combination of umami and sweet, with faint touches of sour- and saltiness. 

Brewing method 

Brew tea with hot water (75-92°С) in a porcelain gaiwan or in a teapot of porous clay. The proportion is 3-4 g per 100 ml. After a first few (3-4) flash-infusions of about 1-2 seconds, increase the infusion time, if necessary. You can repeat infusing up to approximately 4-5 times, while the tea remains tasteful.