Moychay Tea School. Foundation [Start 8 October]


Welcome to the foundational course of the Moychay tea school .

The program is designed for 10 lessons, includes theoretical and practical classes.

We base our teaching on a unique method of theory from the  “Geography of the Chinese tea” book and practical tastings with a sensory analysis of teas.

The Moychay Tea School is where we train our staff along with individuals who want an introduction to tea or want to improve their knowledge of tasting.

Our passionate Tea masters support the learning of those new to tea as well as connoisseurs in the most professional manner.

The Foundational course is ideal for all those working in tea companies, hotels, restaurants, coffee houses or those who have a general interest in tea. This foundation level course will build confidence when discussing, recommending, presenting and serving teas from around the world.

The course consists of 10 lessons which will be covered in an intense offline day classes in Amsterdam as well online. Some additional reading from materials provided prior to the course and a final exam. 

The focus of the course is on the essentials of tea basics(production technology, geography,  brewing), and learning about tea from different parts around the world.

During the onsite classes, participants are invited to practice tea tastings, tea recommendations from the menu, tea service, tea & food pairing suggestions and much more.


The course consists of 10 lessons on Saturday and will start on 8th October.

The dates:

8,15, 22, 29 October, 5,12, 19, 26 November, 3,10 December.

Each lesson is 2 hr and we will start at 12:00.

You can book separate lessons as well the whole course.


Tea school program

Session 1 (Anna 7 Olivier)- offline 8th October

"Introduction to Tea". Let’s discover tea and its origin

Tea classification: geography and technology. Tea myths and facts

Session 2 (Anna) - online 15th October

Tea-tasterOlfactory card and the tea "Aroma wheel" from the perspective of a modern tea sommelier

Choosing proper water for tea brewing. Dry tea-to-water ratios.


Session 3 (Olivier) - offline 22nd October

Practical workshop: Pin Cha brewing. 


Session 4 (Anna ) - online  29th October

The biochemistry and health effects of different tea varieties, as well as tisanes in general. Herbal teas tasting.


Session 5 (Anna ) - offline 5th November

How to choose proper teaware for the brewing. Teaware materials: glass and ceramics; earthenware, stoneware, clay and porcelain

Session 6 (Olivier) offline 12th November

Teaware. The Yixing clay teapot: shapes, usability with different teas, seasoning the teapot.

Session 7 Olivier (offline) 19th November

Green tea. Classification, features of tea production technology. Learning to brew using the pin cha method in a gaiwan. 

Session 8 (Anna )- online 26th November

Red tea; History, classification, production features. 

Black tea (Hei cha). Classification and technology of black tea production. 

Puerh. Varieties of puerh, different approaches to preparation. 

Brewing pin cha in an earthen teapot and in a glass teapot. 

Session 9 (Olivier) - offline 3rd December

Wuyishan OolongsGuangdong Oolongs. Chao ChaTaiwanese and South Fujian Oolongs. Types, production technologies, similarities and differences. 

Brewing gong fu cha with Taiwanese double cups.

Session 10 (Anna and Olivier)  practical and theoretical exam - 10th December

Written exam of 30 multiple choice questions as well as tea brewing test.

Upon completion of both written and practical tests, participants receive the certificate.



You can book separate lessons as well the whole course.