Reserve a Pin Cha tea ceremony (品茶) with 50% discount


Pin Cha translates from Mandarin as "to taste tea", and you can do exactly that at our Tea Culture Club in Amsterdam! You will choose a tea from our collection together with one of our tea guide, and he or she will show you how to brew that tea the best way. 

After choosing the tea, you will head upstairs to one of our 3 ceremony rooms and will have time to enjoy the taste, smell and aesthetics of the tea ceremony.

The tea guide will be with you for 20-30 minutes, and after you can infuse the tea yourself.

Price (after 50% discount):

15 euro per person 


How to reserve:

- Click on "Schedule your time"

- Select your preferred date and time slot

- Click "add to cart"

- Fill in your email, name and phone

- Press confirm. You will also get a confirmation mail in your inbox. If you don't, please contact us directly.

Note: you don't have to check out with the product "Pin Cha"! After completing the above mentioned steps, you can remove the product from your cart. Reach out to us on Instagram, e-mail or in the club for any questions!

You can also reserve on the spot, be we can't guarantee that there will be tea guides available to take your booking. Try to reserve in advance!