Puer tea experience set


Are you new to Puer teas?

We have an option is to familiarize yourself with our assortment of puer teas!

By purchasing such a set, you get the opportunity to taste different types of pu-erhs  to find exactly what you like!

All teas are packaged in 25g packs.

The set includes different types of pu-erh:

Shu pu-erhs: 

  1. Gaba Shu Cha (Gaba shu puer, 2020)  25 g,
  2. Weird Neigbourhood Shu Cha (2018) 25 g, 
  3. Black Headz Lao Cha Tou (2018) 25 g, 
  4. Mengsong Da Shu Cha (Moychay.com, harvested 2015, pressed 2019), 25 g

Sheng pu-erh:

  1. Dao Sheng Cha (2018) 25g, 
  2. Youji Menghai Sheng Cha (2021)
  3. Magic Spring (Shaiqing Menghai Sheng, 2022), 25 g.