Qigong practices 17.09 at 14:00

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You are invited for our first qigong practice on the 17.09 at 14:00!

Qigong practice is a complex of traditional exercises that arose on the basis of Taoist alchemy and partly Buddhist psycho-practitioners, performed mainly for health-improving and therapeutic purposes.

Thus, Qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”) meditation is an ancient Chinese healing practice that combines meditation, controlled breathing, and gentle movement. It's roughly translated as “the master of one's energy” and combines two important concepts of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

What is the plan?

Duration of the lesson is half an hour.
After practice, you can enjoy the ping cha tea ceremony in one of our ceremonial rooms at Moychay.nl.

We are located at Rozengracht 92H and hope to see you soon!

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