Tea cake "Perfect black tea", 50 g

Jin Jun Mei.

Red (black) tea from Guizhou Province, the 2019 harvest is processed according to Jin Jun Mei technology standards.

Tea is pressed into a tile divided into 8 portions for convenience.
Classic, delicious tea for everyday tea drinking, with due attention, will perfectly cope with a solo party in a tea ceremony.
Cooking method:
Break off 1 piece from the tile and pour 500 ml of hot water 90 gr. Wait 3-5 minutes.

The bouquet of the finished tea is bright and warm, spicy-woody, with bread, berry and floral notes. The aroma is warm, spicy and berry. The taste is strong, pleasantly tart, with a refreshing berry sourness.

A surge of strength and vigor, warmth that fills the whole body, overflows with peace, pleasure to the fingertips.
All difficulties and problems disappear, I just want to observe what is happening around, not to rush anywhere, watch my thoughts and let them go.
Gives peace and clarity of mind.