Thai Sheng Pu-erh

€5,50 / 50g
1 s 93°C 3 g

Thai Sheng Pu-erh “2019” is a superb Sheng Pu-erh for daily vitality, with a mellow taste and a vigorous energetic effect. It's the perfect tea to start the day with.


Visual description 

When dry, the leaves are thick and large with an olive-green colour. They are twisted and intermingled with some yellowish tips. 

The fragrance is smokey, fruity and woody with a touch of herbs. 

The infusion is transparent, with a light yellowish-green hue.

Taste and aroma

The bouquet of brewed tea is mild, warm and fruity with a woody undertone. Besides that it has a slight reminiscent of fresh hay and sun dried apricot. 

The aroma in the empty teacup is deep and mellow, fruity-herbaceous with a hint of caramel.

The taste is light-bodied, clean and soft yet very astringent, with light fruity tartness and smoky nuances, evolving in the lingering coldish, menthol aftertaste.

General information

‘’Thai Sheng pu-erh’’ is made from early-spring shoots picked from old trees in the north of the Kingdom of Thailand in spring 2019.

Brewing method

Brew the tea with hot water (89-94°C) in a gaiwan or a teapot made of porous clay. The proportion is 3-4 g. per 100 ml. The lower the temperature the softer the taste, but the weaker the aroma. Rinse the tea with hot water and do a first infusion of about 3-5 seconds, depending on what extent you have for the brewing. After the first few (3-4) infusions of about 1-2 seconds, you can increase the infusion time, if necessary. You can infuse the tea approximately 10 times.