Xi Ping Chen Xiang Tie Guan Yin

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“Aged Tie Guan Yin Aroma” is made in the south of the Fujian region in Xiping village. The oldest tea plants are situated here. It is a legendary place where local tea man discovered the wonderful tea tree according to the dream. He met Bodhisattva Guan Yin in his dream and she told him where to find this special tea tree. “Chen Xiang” is an aged oolong which fermented long time after producing. Aged tea is stored in the special clay vessels which are strongly closed by sealing wax. Once a year these vessels are opened and the tea is roasted on the wood charcoal. This technology was worked out in Taiwan. The aged teas are loved here for its taste, aroma and health beneficial properties such as healing cold diseases and nourishing spleen.

Dry “Aged Aroma” is loose tea. Brown leaves are of medium size, sphere shaped and rolled up. The aroma is moderate with woody-citrus tones. The clear liquor has light golden-mustard color.
The bouquet of brewed tea is calm, with woody tones, light citrus and floral nuances. The taste is thick, mellow with bright sour taste and astringency which is not obvious in light concentration. The aftertaste is nice and refreshing.

This tea is brewed with 95-100°С water in yixing teapot for light fermented oolongs or in gaiwan. Take 6 gr for 120 ml volume vessel. Shed tea with water, and make infusion for 8-10 seconds. Next 3-4 infusions just shed with water and after increase infusion time for another 3-5 infusions.

This tea is for an everyday tea time in cold season. It heats softly from inside, balances emotions, relaxes psychosomatic tension and brings thoughts to the order.