Zunyi Da E Hong

€3,00 / 50g

Zunyi Da Ye Hong is a great choice for everyday tea breaks: bright, invigorating and very fragrant. This tea is a red tea from Guizhou province (Zunyi County), harvest 2019. As raw materials, spring shoots of Da Ye cultivar (large-leaved) were used.

Dry leaf

The dry tea consists of small, flagellum-twisted, brown tips.

The fragrance of the dry leaf is restrained, woody with a berry hint. 


The transparent infusion has a reddy-chestnut shade.

The bouquet of the ready-made tea is warm and vivid, berry-and-woody, with floral and spicy notes. The fragrance is deep and warm, berry-floral. 

The taste is rich and strong, a bit tart, with a refreshing berry sourness.

Brewing method

Brew the tea with hot water (95°С) in a porcelain gaiwan or in a teapot of porous clay. The proportion is 3-4 g per 100 ml. The first infusion should take 6-8 seconds; after this, do flash-infusions of about 1 second each. For later infusions, increase the infusion time if necessary. You can repeat infusing up to approximately 8-9 times, while the tea remains tasteful.