Our tea bar 

At Moychay Tea Bar we focus on creating tasty drinks based on tea, plant-based milks and juices to get refreshed and nourished as well as to introduce the wonderful health benefits of tea.

All our loose tea is made fresh either iced or hot with the choice to add milk. We have a large variety of tea such as Green, Black, Oolong,Pu-erh

Come check us out at our location on Rozengracht 92H in Amsterdam!


Our menu

We brew all of our teas with an espresso machine. The high pressure makes for a rich and much finer brew than traditional methods of making tea to create great cocktails!


Welcome to visit our tea club!

Visit us for a tea ceremony or to smell, taste and buy tea and teaware (everything on our site is also available in the club).

 Our experienced tea guides will also be happy to personally consult you on your choices.

We invite you to experience tea as you have never before!

Rozengracht 92H

Mon - Sun

10am - 8.30pm