Welcome to the online shop of the first Tea Culture Club of the Netherlands.

After 12 years of sourcing and collecting, we have more than 250 teas among 12 categories from 13 countries available in our store and online.

Also, you can find 1000+ items of authentic teaware for the Chinese Gong Fu Cha ceremony. They range from items accessible in price, to literal masterpieces by the best artisans of the craft.

In our club at the Rozengracht 92H in Amsterdam, you can taste and smell the tea, as well as experience the teaware.

We are also proud to offer ceremonies, even in times of COVID, in 3 of our atmospheric tea ceremony rooms.

We're not just a shop.

When you visit our multifaceted club you will get enchanted by traditional Asian tea culture.

In the authentic tearooms one can experience the Chinese Gong Fu tea ceremony, accompanied by one of our experienced tea guides.

Next to that we serve refreshing tea drinks, together with our signature matchaccino and puerccino.

Moychay.nl Tea Culture Club

Visit us for a tea ceremony or to smell, taste and buy tea and teaware (everything on our site is also available in the club). Our experienced tea guides will also be happy to personally consult you on your choices.

We invite you to experience tea as you have never before!

Rozengracht 92H
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mon - Sun

10am - 8pm

Ceremonies until 5pm

Partnership inquiries

We are very open for collaboration with businesses that share the same values as we do. To reach out for business & partnership inquiries fill in the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible, and see what we can mean for each other!

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